Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture for Pain & Stress Relief, Anti-aging.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine;
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There are a wide array of Chinese herbal formulas here. Dr. Kuo ( a former Chinese Medical Doctor in Buddhist Tzu Chi Hospital)  has a lot of experience in helping people retrieve their health. The most common feedback is " I feel much better, sleep deeper, and can think clearer."


Natural Pain Relief

Certified Acupuncturist in USA;
MD & CMD in Taiwan

Dr. Kuo specializes in relieving symptoms such as headache, stomachache,  nerve pain, chronic pain, joint pain, neck pain and back pain.  Her goal is to treat and relieve your pain permanently   

 by utilizing acupuncture and meridian theory from Chinese ancient wisdom.

Balance in Body & Mind


Dr. Kuo always focuses on finding out the root causes of your health issues and reversing them naturally. This can help treat many chronic and acute illnesses more effectively than the traditional way of suppressing them. She will love to provide a deeper healing regarding your mental, emotional, and physical complaints.